Spelunky’ requires of us our maximum concentration. Nothing to go crazy and without previously facing where you jump. Now we can go very well by the mines and the jungle, a fall into the void in the caves of ice will have to start over from the beginning (or the shortcut of the jungle). This caution and constant fear is growing to know that every game will be unique, and all because the stages are randomly generated. But it is something which, in turn, makes it unique in the broadest sense of the word.
We match on many occasions by losing a game because of a trap tiki, but at the same time encourages us trying to do it, because we know that reaching a new area will be a prize that will have price. We feel, in short, a few real explorers. Although to be good will have to sweat (and die) much. Therein lies its greatness.
Despite the burden that we may suffer, the truth is that the more we play more we will notice how much we are making progress, reaching spend areas that before seemed us complicated and now not so much. For example, those damn traps arrow. With experience you will discover (if not, here am I with this Council) that if we throw them some object, such as a stone, they shoot your deadly arrow and we pass in front of them without fear of damage. To the fool, after having died a hundred times, that Yes, the utopian idea of reaching the temple pull is not so far-fetched. But of course, we can always pifiar up to a simple bat calculating evil a jump, beating us, and falling into some spikes. And us cursing the bat and the family of bats.


Who said there is no love at first sight? Because honestly, what we feel single FEZ can be defined as such.
Not already only for damn good thing is, that it is; but also, because to enjoy this two-dimensional adventure we have recalled our childhood enjoying those wonderful 8-bit platforms. And accomplishing that is not paid or with all the gold in the world.


But FEZ is a fairly economical whim; one that only 800 points (ten euros) Microsoft allows us to enjoy an adventure as the old with a duration ranging from 7 to 10 hours of play, depending on the desire that we have for uncovering all the secrets hiding this fantastic game of Polytron.


To begin, we must say that there is a change of pace in the 14th FIFA, which can be a little strange and even shocking at the beginning. Passes and a fast player as we were so accustomed in the previous installments, is no longer as well; These players are now with a steel wall in defence. This time FIFA 14 is slower, they have been more careful and they require to take control of the good football (play with care and implement a thoughtful strategy about how we played before and realize that we must learn to play a little more, a little better). A series of updates to the physics of the game – something visible in the animation and scenes (realism in models of players has improved with the passage of the years – and the other big change is the intelligent control of the ball. In the typical style of FIFA, the presentation of the product both the menu and the ambiance is impeccable.
There is something in particular or difference that encourage us to think desperately “Mie@%$, I need to buy it!”, there are some differences compared to previous installments in the gameplay below. For example, when a player was not in movement has had greater control and maneuverability of the ball in all directions, now this extends to the player movement (running logically). This opens a possibility and a characteristic in particular makes the 14th FIFA a “joga bonito”, zigzagging through the field taunting defenders, etc.
This does not mean that he is invincible. For each turn or turn is made, the player can risk increasingly losing balance and ball control. Of course, there are some players that are better to keep control of the ball than others, depending on their statistics. Find out who is the best player and with this create a suitable strategy for the team, is what makes it entertaining to this installment. And this is easy thanks to a set of tools that can be used before and during matches.
The best players are in a better position to make special moves, are also easier to do with these players, because you don’t have to hold the special move button. With just a few movements of the right stick, you can enjoy all kinds of feints, stopping the ball, side rolls, simply played for amusing the player and the fans. The ability to actively protect the ball, gives one a little more time to plan the attack and get those crucial seconds needed to make the perfect shot.