Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter

Electronic Arts and Bioware announced Galactic Starfighter, the second expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic after the premiere in last April’s Rise of the Hutt Cartel.


Galactic Starfighter offers interesting player fighting against player in space battles of 12 vs 12 between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Thanks to this expansion allows users customise their spacecraft and take different roles in their pilots.
Galactic Starfighter will be available December 3 for current subscribers of the game, which will receive costumes pilot, further progress and different titles. Users called “Privilegiados”, those who were once subscribers or who have purchased something in the game shop, will have access on January 14, 2014 receiving two suits of pilot and a title.
Finally all users free-to-play game enjoy this new expansion from 4 February, receiving two pilot costumes.

World Of Tanks

Mixture of realism and arcade, presents on Xbox 360 one of the most successful games of the F2P model that introduces us to exciting battles.
World of Tanks in PC numbers speak for themselves. More than 45 million users already know what it is to compete against other players in this game free to play that puts us commanders of powerful tanks in the greater war history, the second world war.


With such numbers, it is not surprising that the guys at have decided to make the leap to Xbox 360, which will host its own version of the well-known F2P and console that was announced at the last E3. We have already had the opportunity to test the title in beta and unravel some of the main features for the Microsoft platform.
Perhaps the first thing that we should cite is that ‘World of Tanks’ will remain a completely free game, although only the current console of the Redmond company GOLD users will be people who will enjoy it; SILVER will have to settle for such only seven day trial.
Already delving into the heart of the matter, the Xbox 360 version keeps all the features that have become a success the game in compatible: tanks and the strategy when it comes to equipping them remain the protagonists. For those who do not know or have had the opportunity to play his namesake in PC, has included a tutorial, even though we have to comment that this there is the completeness that we would. In it we teach controls movement and shooting, besides knowing some tips when it comes to break down enemy tanks. A review of the basics and just take us 10 minutes to complete it. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the controls, quiet; from the options menu you can choose different settings until you find the most comfortable.
Many will think that ‘World of Tanks’ is an action game in which premium annihilate enemy tanks or let us with their bases; and Yes, it is correct, the title continues that mechanics but must know that go crazy traversing the field and putting you in front of four vehicles of the opposing team will result in a premature death. The game of goes a step beyond the frantic action and arcade. Nor is it that we find ourselves before a simulator of the 2nd World War, but like ‘World of Wairplanes’, we find a mixture of realism and accessible gameplay.
The first step to learn a little more title will have to make it choosing a faction, obviously every one of them will bring their own models of tanks and that we will be able to modify along different lines and credits earned, being United States or Germany some examples that we have enjoyed in the beta. Delving for the menus will discover a wide repertoire of skills and improvements for our vehicles, hence the importance of equipping well before going into battle. As we win games we will obtain benefits to invest in repairs after each confrontation, let us stockpile of ammunition or even achieve experience and improve the skill tree. Although priori we think that they will be separated little developed and in those who think the chicha ‘authentic’ is based on the fighting, the truth is that I can confess that we will spend a few minutes deciding that we should “skill” more or what type of ammo. The personalization of the tanks will also be present to being able to choose among a wide range of colors, not to mention the different models; all real and that they have their pros and cons.