The S5 Galaxy will be Released in February

Following the success of its predecessor, the S4 Galaxy, which, in just two months, managed to sell 20 million units, the Korean company Samsung could release the S5 version at the beginning of 2014. According to the CNET site, which collects information from the Korean portal Etnews, published this new smartphone could reach more later than in February or March to the market, with a material more flexible and equipped with a 64-bit processor.


One of the main complaints made by consumers compared with the previous model, the S4 Galaxy, has been related to its foreign plastic material. To resolve this lack, company officials would have opted to provide the new smartphone in a casing of aluminium and magnesium in the back of the terminal. In this way, the new S5 Galaxy will have a more flexible material and highest quality plastic, present in other devices as of its main rival iPhone 5 c.
With this feature the new terminal will feature a 64-bit processor, a 16 Megapixel camera and operating system Tizen. The S5 Galaxy, which could be on the market in February or March of next year, will be produced on a large scale surely in January. A release that would only occur 10 months after the acclaimed S4, which reached 20 million units sold worldwide in just two months.


The new phone will also have a powerful battery to feed a 5-inch screen and a resolution of 560 pixels per inch. Also will feature an optical (OIS) image stabilizer technology, until now only view in the gadget half phone, half camera, Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Total War: Rome II

An immense strategic Empire
Total War seal again approaching the ancient Rome to offer us his vision of the Empire. Do achieved its highly anticipated sequel live up to the one of the benchmarks of the strategy in the 21st century? The challenge was difficult, and perhaps not reached its brutal level of excellence, but Creative Assembly has been able to Jell an extraordinary game that ranks among the great RTS of the year.
Creative Assembly is one of the most respected studies of the world of video games, something that transcends and goes far beyond the particular genre that have become famous. To open a hole in the Olympus of the developers need to stop seal, and the British team achieved growing strategy of an amazing quality video games since the launch of the first Total War there by the distant year 2000. The best of this extensive success story? Probably there will be few people who differ in that is the third: the original Rome. With that one, the study was able to settle the bases of the series for the future in a way that is so short that he has allowed him to live since then, almost 10 years later, with a franchise that just has incorporated some elements with Bill drops on a general picture that has almost no observed changes.
Growing franchise team has dealt with different eras of the most disparate, have added much color to giant fresco of the historic wars of humanity who have been dealing with, but also played some second parts such as Medieval or Shogun, fueling the hopes of fans to regain the glorious Roman Empire for the brand. In the summer of 2012 the big news was made official, and since then the last few months have been an undeniable career go knowing news and count the days for the sale of awaited return implementation. The impressive and decadent yoke of his legions, and the fascinating Europe and North Africa at the time fit as ring finger with the gaming experience Total War.
Total War: Rome II
With the final game already in our hands the sensations are as positive as expected, although it is also true that we expected more news. The continuous slope of Shogun II made sense from the corporate point of view by the releases of annual character of the series, but between him and Rome II there are two years of time: more leeway to bet on “signings” playable in nature. Aside from some conservative component, which obviously does not make the game less fun, we talk about a more direct than its predecessors title, one that offers less intermediate steps in the strategic part in shaping our troops or to manage our land, and that encourages us to more quickly reach the part that really wallows: the battles. This second raid of the saga in ancient Rome is, as the reader will have already deduced, less revolutionary than the original, but still among the releases of impressive quality that us has been providing the strategy genre in recent times.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note last year many were reactions but among them came an interesting reflection: this idea would work better on a tablet. In the Korean company have taken note of this and they have transferred the concept to a size where it makes more sense.
Technically it has no competitor right now in questions of power, but with clear failures of the resolution of your screen, where those 150 dpi are not understood in a tablet where image is as important. Especially serious it is if we take into account that we are talking about a tablet priced in the WiFi model and 16 GB is high, with 529 euros.
Best worked is in regards to applications. Meets very well contributed by Samsung, although they miss more applications for the S-Pen: thanks installation default Photoshop Touch and the facelift Polaris Office has received exclusively for this tablet (remember that it is an OEM app). Note S is a very complete application for taking notes and MultiView is an interesting addition which squeezes the processor and the RAM of the tablet but having ahead increase the ecosystem, a weak point of Android.
In relationship quality price, just those seeking a tool based on Android to draw and take notes (with the extra applications worked by Samsung) will find justified the price of this model of Samsung, which we must not forget that it will face a series of tablets with Android in a range of more attractive prices, the new Windows 8 RT to come and even affordable iPad Apple 2.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been granted to the test by Samsung.

2Fuse: move your fingers and your mind quickly

If you are of those who like obscure stories, loads of options, accessories and skills, then this game is not for you. However, if your only goal is to kill the time by a few minutes, even a couple of hours, without having to do more than ‘play’ are in the right place.


2fuse is simple, the dynamics of the game is based on small pictures of three colors with a number inside, if the number is one we have to ‘Add’ it by attaching it to another of the same color, so we will have a two at the same time we can add for Star, to put together two of these we will have a special skill, defined by the color. Pause time for the blue stars, multiply the score for the red and the Green an instant update of the pictures.
The game does not count with more levels, other features, or something very far-fetched. We just find drivers as levels or longer which can be activated with Volt, the currency of the game. Payments in-game are made to get more volts although you can also find free downloading games, watching videos, doing I like on Facebook, among other things.


2fuse is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. If you like you qualify since the developers are new and should be at the top with this fantastic application.