Temple Run 2


The sequel of the famous success of iOS, is keeping the same formula of the original, but with some other new ingredient.

Give the Bell in the App Store, against what they want us to see the usual and incorrectly referred to as “gurus”, is very difficult. First, not all applications are interesting, fun, or revolutionary. It’s hard to say it, but each app with a good background of development and a good Bill, there are ten that are not. Second, not all applications should cost €0.89. Yes, as a developer, it is very tempting to want to quickly pay back the initial investment, but is not so easy, since not everyone wants to pay first, and is better always, offer a version free or free-to-play, to try and “test” the terrain before trying to collect. And third, it tries to offer something original. These premises, which may be more or less accurate – and believe us, we have spent years observing one and again the same mistakes–were followed, with its pluses and minuses, by the creators of the Temple Run, one of those phenomena of iOS.
The original game has achieved throughout its history, over 170 million downloads, a considerable figure. With such success, and a huge benefit on their backs, the title of Imangi Studios, would soon see a sequel. Temple Run 2, is the finding of that triumph.
The eternal career

Temple Run 2 continues the same dangerous path which already went through his previous delivery, but added certain elements and aspects, making it, if it’s possible, more fun. Run 2, a direct sequel to the original temple, we again offer the same dose of frantic race and addictive gameplay. Once again, he plays an adventurer, who in his search for an ancient and accursed Idol of gold, is, almost without eating or drinking, fleeing a relentless and huge Monster. This will be the trigger to go forward through demolished temples, huge cliffs, deep mines and dangerous jungles. As you can imagine, the premise and starting point of this Temple Run 2 is virtually identical to the first installment. And is that, if something is good and working, what change it?

The next thing we will see, is that this Temple Run 2, is a more solid and visually stunning and appealing game. Then we will talk specifically about the technical aspect of the game, but the leap with respect to the previous application is notorious and more obvious. The control of Temple Run 2 is the physical finding, that there are games, living off the touch screen. As in the original, the control is intended from scratch on the screen of the device iOS we handle, and that, they note. Thus, we will return to the classical elements of the saga, marked once again by the speed and the skill that let’s gala. Our broker – or archaeologist – must be quick, very fast – if possible, rather than the danger that it pursues or stalk – and for that, will need to use wisely jumps, slides and turns with greater precision. These movements become simple touch gestures: up to jump, down to slide down, left or right to rotate… Also we will have the gyroscope and accelerometer to obtain a greater amount of gems and coins for our bag, which in the long run, will help to ensure a complete customization of our corridor.