NBA 2k14

Today and unless still unusual NBA Live 14 says otherwise (which we see somewhat complicated), currently the King of the courts is NBA 2K 14. This title, whose review for desktop formats we showed you a few days ago, has just landed in formats iOS and Android, following the pattern of what has happened in the past two season.
And as you would expect one of the large hooks has to do with the presence of LeBron James, the best player in the world, Star more than appear on the cover of the title also plays an important role in the game. Yes, because one of the great incentives (and almost the only noteworthy novelty) presenting this edition is the game mode that stars: on the way to greatness.
This game mode is very similar to the enjoyed in desktop editions, even though it has been slightly cropped. For those who do not know, this mode is divided into two distinct parts and allows us to discover the (fictional of course) future Miami Heat star. One of the paths given assume that player will end his career in the Florida franchise, while the other way allows to leave the team to stop others… that we are not going to reveal you.
The fact is that this option is quite entertaining and engages him, but it is also fair to say that its duration is relatively scarce. We think that it could have given a little more of himself, but in the end…