Lego Marvel Superheroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes brings back all the vices and virtues of previous deliveries of the saga, and is as usual a very continuous game and without hardly news playable, whose new license or franchise, Marvel Comics, is what justifies its existence, its reason for being.
All us rub their hands when we learned that the new LEGO game going to put in the skin of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and a long cast of superheroes and villains, and very high expectations we had, the game does not disappoint at all, is everything we hoped and even a little more of the union between LEGO and Marvel. It is crazy the amount of characters that have been included, the winks, jokes and references, and MIME and affection with which every aspect of the Marvel Universe, has been treated since the characters, even the more side, to locations.
If you have already played some LEGO title previously, especially the last two, you know what you are going to find. A series of stages, 15 in this case to tell the story, in which we have that go forward to solving puzzles and fighting enemies that are limited to bother, or fighting are difficult or is penalized in real way the fact of dying, returning instantly with a few parts less in our counter. Puzzles consist of shredding stage elements whose parts we then create new objects, and used the character and the adequate ability to overcome various challenges. There are also some touches of platforms, but already in this Marvel Super Heroes are marginal, almost anecdotal.