Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

“The pirate life is the life better”
Pirates! The dreaded cry that frightened the seas of the 18th century becomes the Assassin’s Creed series to a go-ahead for fun. Black Flag brings us to the birthplace of piracy, the Caribbean, and does so with a sensational format that collects the best of previous deliveries to become a dangerous Corsair. Whip the seas, explore Islands, get gold… only you send!
The history of the Assassin’s Creed series is nonconformity. A saga that episode after episode has been reinventing and changing, not only in terms of their backdrops, but also doing it with force in terms of its dynamic playable, making doubt even the staunchest critics of the annual exploitation of the large brands. The truth is that Ubisoft has made this franchise its main championed during this generation in its own right, offering us one of the most iconic brands of this cycle of machines thanks to episodes like the Black Flag that concerns us.
After the American revolution that we live in the controversial, but great for our palate, Assassin complete Creed III, now back in time until the 18th century to experience the highlight of piracy. A highpoint of pillaging and death in the seas of the Caribbean where, as always in the IP, we only who we draw our way. The franchise greatly benefits from the change of scenery that represents this new historical context, and see the world how the universe of pirates you feel like ring finger to its playable formula. Obviously the title is far from being perfect, and some problems such as artificial intelligence and poor combat challenge remaining whole to consolidate one of the major proposals of recent times as something even more round, however, as it is, it remains an extraordinary and title of consumption must for fans of the action adventure.
Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag collects the best of previous deliveries and consolidates a phenomenal revoltionu in which the greatest beneficiary is the amateur. Still having many of the more traditional activities of the saga as the murders, exploration, the watchmen, parkour… However most of them are expanded in many directions which, without a period so rich in possibilities like the one that concerns us, we could not have lived. This title as well as it will have, as it has been traditional for the brand, many staunch defenders as staunch detractors. And it is that who like to make their judgments about fun and entertainment of a product based on your bugs or glitches will have reason to hate the new Assassin’s Creed However those who know abstracting from these incidents that, despite you who gets upset, be punctual and often non-negotiable in a sandbox, will have in their hands one gem more to enrich one of the genres more joys have given us in recent years: that of action and adventure.