Bioshock Infinite

From the moment in which it was announced a new Bioshock at the hands of the guys at Irrational Games, the excitement and the expectations were hardly controllable. The reasons were related to the brilliant success of the original game, in 2007, which is still among the best releases of the recent times-shooter genre. So with these precedents the idea of counting with another product of the same study and under the same name was unusually suggestive, and that by the way we had enjoyed a second part which released 2 K Marin in 2010 and which also ended resulting outstanding.


But, of course… A new work from Ken Levine and company is hardly objectionable, especially from the moment in which it was revealed a flawless and very long trailer in-game showing the benefits of the product.
Since then there have been delays, abundant mysteries and, above all, an uncontainable impatience.
Now, with the program in their hands, only we can guarantee that the waiting was worth, since it offers Infinite continues to have appealed against a character and charisma and is also a brilliant game from any point of view. True that the impact of the first Bioshock hard, and it will cost, equal it but it must also be clear that Infinite is a wonderful and powerful product: virtues as little widespread shooters in first person as the plot, dialogues or the atmosphere.
What is offered on this occasion is a triple-A with all the letters, one which has granted some factors of complexity in terms of the fight against the idea of reaching a larger public, but which is also characterized by impressive production values and virtues that estilan the work of those responsible.