Battlefield 4

Finally launched the anticipated Battlefield 4, and here we bring you our video analysis in its version for PCs, which have divided into two parts, since as it is usual in recent games in the series we have on the one hand a story mode for a player, and on the other the Multiplayer Online modes, focusing this first video on our impressions of the campaign alone.

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Starting with the plot, history tells us a conflict between the Nations of China and United States, putting us on this occasion in the skin of a single protagonist, Sergeant Daniel Recker, by what a difference as seen in the last delivery now the campaign has a more structured narrative thread, developing the action almost in its entirety in various parts of China.
In this sense the mechanics is a shooter classic in first person, but with the peculiarity that we will never be alone, since we will be part of the peloton Tombstone, by that at all levels of the game always will have some of its members fighting on our side, acting these always by your account controlled by the CPU, even though we tell them that we want enemies that they attack with just mark them on screen in a way very similar to the system used in the online multiplayer mode to highlight the opposing team members.
However this same possibility to make enemies, also resta le difficulty to the game, because that can also be used for the sole purpose of detecting the exact position of the enemies that are in our line of sight for so they can not surprise us, what must be added to the artificial intelligence of these features already in case some problems since on many occasions the enemies have a somewhat erratic behaviorespecially when looking for coverage, staying very often fully exposed our shooting.