Batman Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Interactive brings a new game starring Batman that we know its origins, Batman Arkham Origins, which on this occasion has been developed by Warner Bros. Montreal in place of Rocksteady, which we detail in our analysis:
Its story takes place in a Gotham City even more extensive than previous installments and takes place a few years before that occurred the events narrated in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.
The game shows a young Batman who must face one of the most critical moments of his short career as the scourge of crime and that will define its path to become the Dark Knight, until the most dangerous criminals terrorize the inhabitants of Gotham. A famous characters as the story unfolds we find for the first time, with which we will forge important relationships.
Playable is a title that demonstrates continuity, although it is not a bad thing in some respects, a great city that we can travel freely and we have to use detective mode to find tracks that guide us throughout its history. In addition to the main missions, there are many secondary as the challenges of Enigma or the land to conquer.
During the fighting have the same actions of previous titles: attack, counterattack, the layer to destabilize the stronger enemies and gizmos or gadgets, along with some combinations of buttons to perform combos and special moves, as hitting the button two times running and an address to Dodge. Although it is simple to beat different enemies, is always recommended to try to surprise them hiding us into shadows to prevent us attack in greater numbers.