The S5 Galaxy will be Released in February

Following the success of its predecessor, the S4 Galaxy, which, in just two months, managed to sell 20 million units, the Korean company Samsung could release the S5 version at the beginning of 2014. According to the CNET site, which collects information from the Korean portal Etnews, published this new smartphone could reach more later than in February or March to the market, with a material more flexible and equipped with a 64-bit processor.


One of the main complaints made by consumers compared with the previous model, the S4 Galaxy, has been related to its foreign plastic material. To resolve this lack, company officials would have opted to provide the new smartphone in a casing of aluminium and magnesium in the back of the terminal. In this way, the new S5 Galaxy will have a more flexible material and highest quality plastic, present in other devices as of its main rival iPhone 5 c.
With this feature the new terminal will feature a 64-bit processor, a 16 Megapixel camera and operating system Tizen. The S5 Galaxy, which could be on the market in February or March of next year, will be produced on a large scale surely in January. A release that would only occur 10 months after the acclaimed S4, which reached 20 million units sold worldwide in just two months.


The new phone will also have a powerful battery to feed a 5-inch screen and a resolution of 560 pixels per inch. Also will feature an optical (OIS) image stabilizer technology, until now only view in the gadget half phone, half camera, Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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