Samsung Tizen

Samsung has confirmed that the first «smartphone» OS Tizen will begin selling this year. The company has not detailed its launch plans or models that will offer, but yes that the distribution will begin this year.

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Tizen is the OS that Samsung and Intel have been working in recent months. Based on the code of MeeGo, Tizen is the big bet of Samsung to launch competitive smart mobile without relying on developers like Google or Microsoft.


Samsung has managed to become the leading manufacturer in the market of smartphones around the world. The company has seen several of its Android phones became the most popular in the world and its progression has been spectacular.


However, since Google bought the manufacturer Motorola, analysts and experts stressed that Samsung took precautions and develop its own system.


The South Korean company tried his luck with Bada, its own system, but does not seem to have had the desired success. For this reason, Samsung has partnered with Intel to take advantage of the work done with Meego – at its fruit of the Alliance of the manufacturer of processors with Nokia – and thus develop Tizen, an advanced system that can compete with the market leaders.


In this way, Tizen is destined to be an alternative to Android, iOS and Windows Phone. After months of work, the development of Tizen seems to be very advanced and the company already confirm that the first mobile will arrive this year.


According to Bloomberg, Samsung official sources have confirmed that the first Tizen sold this 2013. At the moment there is no data on devices, specifications or distribution plans. However, the fact that has been confirmed that the first Tizen are close invites to think that Samsung will present developed handsets at the Mobile World Congress. The fair of Barcelona could be the starting point of the Tizen catalogue, which will try to gain a foothold in the thriving market for ‘smartphones’.

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