Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Star Wars universe has been the subject of multiple products that have touched almost all of the clubs: movies, literary works, merchandising, animated series and video games… And surprising is the amount of the latter that have appeared over the years in different formats.

Well, as one of the highlights in this area was the work of BioWare, the creators of the Mass Effect series. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of the jewels in the Crown of the first Xbox, which received all kinds of praise and, months later, was also versioning for PC. A decade later, Aspyr Media has recovered that production and has adapted it to iPad, which remains almost as delicious as the original edition.

Far from offering events that occurred in the vivid era by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and company, the argument and the context in which passes this space Odyssey takes place several thousand years back in time.
The greatest enemy to the Galaxy and the Jedi Knights is the Sith armada, to which we must fight over many hours of gameplay along with other threats that arise along our journey. And it is one of the greatest virtues of this adventure is its duration, really extensive, offering us many primary and secondary missions, battles, dialogue and exploration at close range.
Those who know, even slightly, the work of BioWare, know what they face in this adventure. This prestigious study always prints a special seal to its productions in many aspects, including the pace of game and its development.

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