Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note last year many were reactions but among them came an interesting reflection: this idea would work better on a tablet. In the Korean company have taken note of this and they have transferred the concept to a size where it makes more sense.
Technically it has no competitor right now in questions of power, but with clear failures of the resolution of your screen, where those 150 dpi are not understood in a tablet where image is as important. Especially serious it is if we take into account that we are talking about a tablet priced in the WiFi model and 16 GB is high, with 529 euros.
Best worked is in regards to applications. Meets very well contributed by Samsung, although they miss more applications for the S-Pen: thanks installation default Photoshop Touch and the facelift Polaris Office has received exclusively for this tablet (remember that it is an OEM app). Note S is a very complete application for taking notes and MultiView is an interesting addition which squeezes the processor and the RAM of the tablet but having ahead increase the ecosystem, a weak point of Android.
In relationship quality price, just those seeking a tool based on Android to draw and take notes (with the extra applications worked by Samsung) will find justified the price of this model of Samsung, which we must not forget that it will face a series of tablets with Android in a range of more attractive prices, the new Windows 8 RT to come and even affordable iPad Apple 2.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been granted to the test by Samsung.

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