Living history of the game, Defense of the Ancients has marked the lives of millions of players since its inception as a mod of Warcraft III and Valve is now completely ready to take the phenomenon to a new level. Endless possibilities and a great business model with which enjoy full and free play, those are the advantages of the new DOTA.
After 2 years of endless closed beta, the most important title in the history of Valve finally sees the light. What began as a separate mod for Warcraft 3 10 years ago, aims to become today one of the major phenomena that are remembered on the platform. Something that practically has already even before publishing is definitely. Nearly 4 million unique users per month and over 300,000 connected at the same time on a daily basis have made Dota 2, despite the popularity of League of Legends, the e-Sport par excellence of the moment. And yet to be finished. And now, with all the content has been added in weekly to the game client when IceFrog and Valve, parents of the beast, have seen good for that Dota 2 start its final takeoff to what no one is even able to imagine. You’re ready to participate in the battle more demanding of time online? As mentioned, Dota 2 is the direct sequel of Defense of the Ancients (which are born with over the years other clones such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth or the recent Smite), the popular mod for Warcraft 3 developed by the anonymous and unknown IceFrog (he has never seen it is still publicly), hired by Valve to take on the new project. Together they have been working since 2009 in a title that today not only respects the foundations of the original Dota but it improves them, and which opens in addition a world of possibilities around the e-Sports that for now only seen the surface. All likewise accompanied by a model of exemplary business, whereby players can enjoy free all game content, accessing fully playable without payment possibilities or subscriptions, leaving payment exclusively to aesthetic and completely optional customization of characters.

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