2Fuse: move your fingers and your mind quickly

If you are of those who like obscure stories, loads of options, accessories and skills, then this game is not for you. However, if your only goal is to kill the time by a few minutes, even a couple of hours, without having to do more than ‘play’ are in the right place.


2fuse is simple, the dynamics of the game is based on small pictures of three colors with a number inside, if the number is one we have to ‘Add’ it by attaching it to another of the same color, so we will have a two at the same time we can add for Star, to put together two of these we will have a special skill, defined by the color. Pause time for the blue stars, multiply the score for the red and the Green an instant update of the pictures.
The game does not count with more levels, other features, or something very far-fetched. We just find drivers as levels or longer which can be activated with Volt, the currency of the game. Payments in-game are made to get more volts although you can also find free downloading games, watching videos, doing I like on Facebook, among other things.


2fuse is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. If you like you qualify since the developers are new and should be at the top with this fantastic application.


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