Samsung Tizen

Samsung has confirmed that the first «smartphone» OS Tizen will begin selling this year. The company has not detailed its launch plans or models that will offer, but yes that the distribution will begin this year.

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Tizen is the OS that Samsung and Intel have been working in recent months. Based on the code of MeeGo, Tizen is the big bet of Samsung to launch competitive smart mobile without relying on developers like Google or Microsoft.


Samsung has managed to become the leading manufacturer in the market of smartphones around the world. The company has seen several of its Android phones became the most popular in the world and its progression has been spectacular.


However, since Google bought the manufacturer Motorola, analysts and experts stressed that Samsung took precautions and develop its own system.


The South Korean company tried his luck with Bada, its own system, but does not seem to have had the desired success. For this reason, Samsung has partnered with Intel to take advantage of the work done with Meego – at its fruit of the Alliance of the manufacturer of processors with Nokia – and thus develop Tizen, an advanced system that can compete with the market leaders.


In this way, Tizen is destined to be an alternative to Android, iOS and Windows Phone. After months of work, the development of Tizen seems to be very advanced and the company already confirm that the first mobile will arrive this year.


According to Bloomberg, Samsung official sources have confirmed that the first Tizen sold this 2013. At the moment there is no data on devices, specifications or distribution plans. However, the fact that has been confirmed that the first Tizen are close invites to think that Samsung will present developed handsets at the Mobile World Congress. The fair of Barcelona could be the starting point of the Tizen catalogue, which will try to gain a foothold in the thriving market for ‘smartphones’.

The S5 Galaxy will be Released in February

Following the success of its predecessor, the S4 Galaxy, which, in just two months, managed to sell 20 million units, the Korean company Samsung could release the S5 version at the beginning of 2014. According to the CNET site, which collects information from the Korean portal Etnews, published this new smartphone could reach more later than in February or March to the market, with a material more flexible and equipped with a 64-bit processor.


One of the main complaints made by consumers compared with the previous model, the S4 Galaxy, has been related to its foreign plastic material. To resolve this lack, company officials would have opted to provide the new smartphone in a casing of aluminium and magnesium in the back of the terminal. In this way, the new S5 Galaxy will have a more flexible material and highest quality plastic, present in other devices as of its main rival iPhone 5 c.
With this feature the new terminal will feature a 64-bit processor, a 16 Megapixel camera and operating system Tizen. The S5 Galaxy, which could be on the market in February or March of next year, will be produced on a large scale surely in January. A release that would only occur 10 months after the acclaimed S4, which reached 20 million units sold worldwide in just two months.


The new phone will also have a powerful battery to feed a 5-inch screen and a resolution of 560 pixels per inch. Also will feature an optical (OIS) image stabilizer technology, until now only view in the gadget half phone, half camera, Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Homefront 2

Although they have been working on it for a couple of years, so far few details that are known about Homefront 2. It does not mean that the thing goes wrong. On the contrary, if we attend to the last words of one of the directors of Crytek, Nick Button-Brown, which ensures that the project moves at a good pace.


“Crytek UK team is making great strides in our reinvention of Homefront”, said succinctly on the site Develop, where also confirmed that they work on several projects that at the moment nothing more is known.


As for the reference to the word “reinvention”, this is not the first time that Crytek is expressed in these terms, since long ago they also spoke to the series “a new direction”, without specifying anything more on the matter.

Gran Turismo 6

We all know the passion of Kazunori Yamauchi for four-wheeled vehicles. Even more by the details, perfectionism and its intention to include many more better cars. The latest addition that appears in Gran Turismo 6 will be the lunar Roving Vehicle LEV-001 ‘ 71 vehicle that will allow us to drive along the surface of the moon.
Thanks to the latest images offered by Sony, we see that Gran Turismo 6 will feature tests to be developed on the satellite that revolves around the Earth. In fact, one of the trophies in the game is entitled lunar mission completed!, in which the aim of this is to complete all the missions of lunar exploration. You can see the rest of the images via this link.
Gran Turismo 6 is launched to the European market on Friday 6 December and promises to be one of the best simulators of driving the market. Since yesterday and until the end of today, is being held in round the world presentation of the game and count with the presence of the creator of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi.

Injustice Gods Among Us: Ultimate Edition

They promised big news related the remarkable Injustice: Gods Among Us, and they have not to pray. And is that Warner Bros. Interactive has announced the launch of the Ultimate Edition of this title fight, coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita on November 29.


As expected, this special edition bring all the DLC published so far in the original title, which includes extra characters from the likes of Lobo, Batgirl, General Zod, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and Scorpion, extracted directly from the Mortal Kombat universe.


Valued at more than 89 euros, this special edition will cost 59.99 euros PlayStation 4, and 39.99 Euros on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita.


Regarding the newly announced version of the game for PC and PlayStation 4, this is the study by High Voltage, which added to the base of the original different tactile features or the ability to share video and streaming.

Total War: Rome II

An immense strategic Empire
Total War seal again approaching the ancient Rome to offer us his vision of the Empire. Do achieved its highly anticipated sequel live up to the one of the benchmarks of the strategy in the 21st century? The challenge was difficult, and perhaps not reached its brutal level of excellence, but Creative Assembly has been able to Jell an extraordinary game that ranks among the great RTS of the year.
Creative Assembly is one of the most respected studies of the world of video games, something that transcends and goes far beyond the particular genre that have become famous. To open a hole in the Olympus of the developers need to stop seal, and the British team achieved growing strategy of an amazing quality video games since the launch of the first Total War there by the distant year 2000. The best of this extensive success story? Probably there will be few people who differ in that is the third: the original Rome. With that one, the study was able to settle the bases of the series for the future in a way that is so short that he has allowed him to live since then, almost 10 years later, with a franchise that just has incorporated some elements with Bill drops on a general picture that has almost no observed changes.
Growing franchise team has dealt with different eras of the most disparate, have added much color to giant fresco of the historic wars of humanity who have been dealing with, but also played some second parts such as Medieval or Shogun, fueling the hopes of fans to regain the glorious Roman Empire for the brand. In the summer of 2012 the big news was made official, and since then the last few months have been an undeniable career go knowing news and count the days for the sale of awaited return implementation. The impressive and decadent yoke of his legions, and the fascinating Europe and North Africa at the time fit as ring finger with the gaming experience Total War.
Total War: Rome II
With the final game already in our hands the sensations are as positive as expected, although it is also true that we expected more news. The continuous slope of Shogun II made sense from the corporate point of view by the releases of annual character of the series, but between him and Rome II there are two years of time: more leeway to bet on “signings” playable in nature. Aside from some conservative component, which obviously does not make the game less fun, we talk about a more direct than its predecessors title, one that offers less intermediate steps in the strategic part in shaping our troops or to manage our land, and that encourages us to more quickly reach the part that really wallows: the battles. This second raid of the saga in ancient Rome is, as the reader will have already deduced, less revolutionary than the original, but still among the releases of impressive quality that us has been providing the strategy genre in recent times.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter

Electronic Arts and Bioware announced Galactic Starfighter, the second expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic after the premiere in last April’s Rise of the Hutt Cartel.


Galactic Starfighter offers interesting player fighting against player in space battles of 12 vs 12 between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Thanks to this expansion allows users customise their spacecraft and take different roles in their pilots.
Galactic Starfighter will be available December 3 for current subscribers of the game, which will receive costumes pilot, further progress and different titles. Users called “Privilegiados”, those who were once subscribers or who have purchased something in the game shop, will have access on January 14, 2014 receiving two suits of pilot and a title.
Finally all users free-to-play game enjoy this new expansion from 4 February, receiving two pilot costumes.

NEW: Google Wallet

It had been rumored for months, and now expectations have been met. Google has announced the availability of its Google Wallet Card, a physical card which will allow to make payments and will be associated with the Google Wallet from the users account.
Card, available in the United States, will allow to make payments at any store that accepts MasterCard debit cards. Interested in card users can request their own to receive it in the next few days.


The card can also be also for payment of online purchases, and electronic teller machines also allow the U.S. users to make money with these cards.
It seems the initial problems of the card, which was rumored to take longer to arrive, they have been resolved, and if payment via NFC produced certain rejection in users the arrival of Google Wallet Card probably drives a service that we are still waiting to see in other countries.

Disney Infinity

This is only the beginning of a franchise that collectors will go crazy.


For a time it gave the sense that Disney would abandon the creation of video games that were not typical for children based on their films, when he began to dismiss people from Disney Interactive, closed Junction Point (the study of Warren Spector, who apparently did not get the sales targets and popularize the figure of Oswald rabbit) and especially after ordering the closure of the LucasArts video games division.

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The news coming from a possible game competition of Skylanders left no clear if he was a toast to the Sun, or a last attempt of the company in the interactive entertainment. But Disney does not stitch without thread and if something knows to handle the marketing. Now we have seen that what happened is that the company was focusing their efforts on a large interactive project.
Disney Infinity has a huge sales potential; Drag the child audience with stories of the characters, collectors and aficionados to Princesses and worlds with the figures used by the game, and players in general with the incentive of creativity. The Wall Street Journal has published that the company has invested 100 million dollars in the franchise (Disney has already said that it intends to launch an Infinity per year,) which shows how hard you opted for it.
It is an excellent premise that takes ideas seen in other games and the power even with all the strength of the Disney universe, although there are some seams that need a better shot to bring it to reality and is necessary to make tweaks to make it a totally rewarding experience.